What is Pixel Game Card?

Pixel Game Card© is a prepaid game card service. We offer a fast, secure and easy way to purchase game products from our affiliate websites anonymously.

PGC© is a one time use prepaid game card that can be used on any Pixel Game Card affiliated website to purchase game products.
No, PGC© can only be used on Pixel Game Card affiliated websites and services.
Yes, after a card is generated by our system it will expire in 14 days. You can have the card re-activated by simply contacting our Support Team.
In order to purchase a PGC© you must login to a registered account and visit the Purchase page displayed above every page on this website. You can then select a vendor you wish to process your payment with and once the process is complete the card will be delivered to your account.
Cards cannot be stolen unless you have been compromised. We advise all Customers to follow strict password guidelines to ensure this does not happen. You can contact our Support team if your card has been stolen and we will try to assist you in whatever way we can.
If you have been waiting a long time for the card to be delivered. It is possible the vendor you processed the payment with requires cooperation. Please check your emails and contact the vendor used to complete your payment.
If you wish to contact our Support Team, we require you to register an account. Support Staff is active from 8:00AM until 6:00PM EDT Monday through Friday and will assist you with whatever way we can.