Easy to process, easy to receive.
Your security is our highest priority.
Fast process, fast registration, fast delivery.
Pixel Game Card© is a prepaid game card service. We offer a fast, secure and easy way to purchase game products from our clients whilst staying completely anonymous. Creating an account takes little to no time and we require hardly any of your personal information.
What is a PGC?
The PGC© is a prepaid game card that you can use on any game website or service that has agreed to affiliate with us. You simply purchase the card and take it to their website, then you enter the unique code found on your card.
Can I use my PGC for anything else?
No. You can only use your PGC with our affiliated client websites.
What is the duration of my PGC?
Your PGC card will only last 14 days (after purchase). You may contact us for a new card if it has expired.
How do I purchase a PGC and how long must I wait?
1.) The first step is to go to the REGISTRATION PAGE and register an account, if you already have one you can skip this step.
2.) You must then login to your account and visit the PURCHASE PAGE.
3.) Select the value of card you wish to purchase and the payment gateway you wish to use and proceed with the payment gateway in completing your purchase.
4.) Once complete and verified by the payment gateway you will receive an email notification notifying you that your card is available. Please remember that it may take longer depending on verification process by our payment providers.
5.) You must then login to your account and then view your ACCOUNT PAGE to view current and previous card purchases. You can also view your entire purchase history at the PAYMENT HISTORY page.
My card has already been used?
It is impossible for anyone to steal your card data, unless the data has been given by yourself. We ensure that security is our highest priority and it is not possible to reverse any of our card data.
I've not yet received my card?
Please contact the payment gateway provider to check the status of your payment.
How can I contact Pixel Game Card?
We require an account in order to contact our support team. You must login to your account and visit the CONTACT PAGE. Our support system is available from 8:00AM until 6:00PM EDT Monday through Friday. Once a ticket has been responded by us, you will receive an email notification as well.
Which email domains can I use to register an account?
To ensure we minimize fraud, we only allow certain email domains for registration, we do have scripts available that will deny registration to malicious email domains used for fraud purposes.